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Blonde Redhead @Melkweg

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Just came back from the concert of Blonde Redhead at ‘De melkweg‘.

I have known this band since a couple of years ago and really liked their last three albums. You could hear the progress they were making from a Sonic Youth influenced noise band to a melodic rock band. Their last album from 2007, 23, was one of my favorites.

The concert of tonight showed their ‘new way’ they are heading. In stead of really firm, dissonant, noisy songs, they were more of an ambient band. Slow drones, synthesizers and less vocals were the new thing.

To cut a long story short: I did not like it. This hip threesome should have realised that what they are doing has been done before, and better. It would not feel awkward at all if they just started playing Massive Attack songs.

The songs they played from their earlier albums sounded really great and brought the energy back into the crowd. Unfortunately after that there was a song of their new album and everybody dosed off again.

Ok, in the end I have to admit it was a good concert. There were enough good parts and the beautiful lighting created  a really cool atmosphere. But please stop playing these dreamy ambient songs and just keep doing what your best at. Please! I still love you Blonde Redhead.